Hayward Pool Vac Service Tips
On occasion you will find that the Hayward Pool Vac is not moving as it should. When this happens you'll have to troubleshoot the pool sweep equipment to determine the cause. Many times an object too big for the vac has been lodged in the debris intake port. Watch the video below to learn how to clear the debris intake port.
If you've determined there is ample water flow through the pool vac (see Vacuum Hose Check) and have determined there is no debris lodged in the unit, chances are high there is a mechanical failure within the unit.
With the pool vac operating you can further test the unit to determine if there is indeed a mechanical failure.

From the side of the pool lift the pool vac off the bottom by pulling up on the vacuum hose. Pull the pool vac to the surface but maintain position just under the surface of the water. While holding the hose (ensuring the vacuum is not touching the side) you should see the unit turn in a clockwise then counter clockwise direction (or vice versa). There should be a short time where the pool vac is not turning in either direction. This turning cycle can take up to 4 - 5 minutes depending on the amount of water flowing through the pool vac. If this described turning action does not occur then there is a mechanical failure in the upper section of the unit.

While maintaining the pool vac position just under the surface of the water you should feel and hear a faint tic, tic, ticking sound at a beat rate of about 2 - 3 tics per second (if you put an ear to the surface of the water you can hear a little Choo Choo train chugging down the track). This sensation is caused by the rocking motion of the propulsion system. If the sound and feel is intermittent, stops or slows down, skips a tic or two then there is probably a mechanical failure in the lower end of the pool vac.

If either of the two failures are detected repairs should be made immediately. Allowing the Hayward pool vac to continue operation when broken will lead to additional and more expensive failures.

Video demonstration of removing debris stuck inside the Hayward Pool Vac.
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