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In addition to providing pool vac repair, we aslo provide Pool Equipment Repair. In business since 2011, we are the "Pool Smith" of the industry. All pool equipment can and should be repaired ASAP. If you need help resoving issues or repairs on your pool equipment please give us a call at 480 284-0411. We offer fair and honest pricing and guarantee quality workmanship!!
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Save Big - We strive to keep your repair costs as low as possible!
Pool equipment repair can be expensive, it's something that no one enjoys spending hard earned dollars on, we get it. If there is an alternative to a high cost repair we'll find it. Our overhead costs are low allowing us to offer pool repairs at a lower cost to you. Our low pricing coupled with quality, reliable workmanship means better satisfaction for you.

"Our goal is to give you the best service at the best price."

Call or text today to arrange for our fast action repair service - 480 284-0411
Don't wait to get your Pool Equipment fixed, Call Today. 480 284-0411.
Payment due at time of service
Here's what we do and what we can fix:
Salt Water Controls and Cell Cleaning
System Trouble Diagnosis
Pool Draining
Motor/Pump seals replaced
Chlorine Bath
Filter Replacement
Acid Washing
Filter Cleaning
Water Analaysis
Electrical Issues
Timer Issues
Motor and or Pump Replacement
Pool and Spa Lighting
Plumbing Issues, Pressure or Suction Leaks
System Valve Issues
In-Floor Popup System Issues
Got a pool question? Email me at:
woody@HaywardPoolVacRepair.com or text to
480 284-0411.