Hayward Pool Vac Service Tips
There are several things the user of Hayward Pool Vacs can do to save money on repairs and keep the pool vac running at its optimal best. Please see the tip below.
Like the tires on a car or the shoes on your feet, the shoes on a Hayward pool vac wear out. These shoes located on the four bottom corners of the vac are designed to grip the surface of the pool. When the pool vac is operating the shoes are set in rocking motion that propells the unit in a forward motion.
Replacing the shoes when the wear line is reached will prevent additional wear to the wings, pods and or flaps that also come into contact with the pool surface. In the Phoenix area where pool vacs typically run 8 to 10 hours a day you can expect to replace the shoes once a year.
The shoes can be purchased at your favorate pool supply store and are easily replaced. Follow the steps in the pool vac user manual, watch the video below or:

With a flat edge screwdriver gently pry the worn shoes upward to remove them. Note that the shoes have 2 different sized posts on the bottom side.

To install a new shoe, wet the posts then align and insert them into the appropriate sized holes on the pod foot, press the shoe firmly into place. The posts are designed to prevent improper installation. Always replace all shoes at the same time.

Super Tip:
Like the tires on a car you can rotate the shoes to an adjacent corner to extend the life of the shoes. The shoes in many cases wear out on one corner (usually the outer). By moving the shoes in a criss-cross manner you can essentially extend the life of the pool vac shoes. This is not a hard fast rule - use your own judgment as to whether this will work in your case.
Video demonstration of shoe replacement on the Hayward Pool Vac.
Shoe Replacement
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