Trouble Shooting the Hayward Pool Vac
The most common fault of a Hayward pool vac lies within its ability to stop moving. There are multiple reasons for this to occur and knowing what to look for can save you lots of time and money in expensive repairs.

Always keep this in mind, if the pool vac stops moving or moves distinctlively different from normal, there is a problem.
A properly functioning pool vac should be in a constant state of motion. That is, the vac should be moving forward at all times, with one exception. The one exception to forward motion is when the unit is pressing against a vertical pool wall or some other stationary object within the pool. In this case, the forward motion is impeded by the wall/object of course but within a few minutes the vac should turn either left or right and continue on its merry way. It's advisable to check your vac regularly to confirm its operation. Should you find that your pool vacuum does not maintain a smooth forward motion, follow the guide below to help determine the cause.
Pool Vac Not Moving Properly
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Trouble Shooting

Replacing The Shoes on the Hayward Pool Vac

Cleaning The Hayward Pool Vac

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As sure as the sun comes up, one day you'll notice your pool vac is not moving, or if it is, it's moving very slowly or is only moving in a circle. When this happens the cause of the problem is either going to be an external issue related to pool pump/filter equipment or a forigien object has stuck in the pool vac debris throat or the pool vac is broken or in need of a tune up.
What to Look for When the Vac is Not Moving Properly
Vacuum suction pressure - The pool vac requires suction pressure in order to propel forward and turn left and right. If the pool vac is moving slowly, not at all or not turning, check the following items.
1. Pump is turned on.
2. Pump filter and debris basket are clean and free of excess debris.
3. If your pool equipment has a Skimmer/Vac deverter valve (Jandy Valve) ensure the valve is set for heavy flow through the vac port.
4. If you are using any sort of in-line vacuum pressure regulator ensure it is at the correct setting.
5. Ensure there are no cracks or breaks in the flexible vacuum hose connected to the pool vac.
6. Ensure all male/female connections in the flexible vac hose are tight and not leaking.
7. If you are using an in-line leaf canister ensure the canister is not plugged with debris.
8. Last of all, if all items above are verified and the pressure at the vac is still low check the return line for an obstruction. This would be the underground line from the pool to the filter debris basket.
Debris stuck in the pool vac throat. - More times than not the cause of the pool vac moving slowly or not at all is caused by an object (stick, rock, friut, plastic, toy) being stuck in the vacuum throat of the pool vac. When this occurs the object restricts or inhibits the main turbine from turning.